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The father arrived at the library at 4:08 P.M. with food for his children. The children were dropped off at 4:00 P.M. As soon as Yvette spotted her father, she shouted, “Papa, papa” and asked her father to sit next to her at the sofa. They quickly moved into a room to eat and talk. Holding a stack of books, Yvette followed her father. Gabriel asked his father an iPhone but his father declined. Sebastian participated in the conversation about iphone and Android. Yvette, on the other hand, tried to call for her father’s attention while sitting in his lap. Moaning and whining, she called, “papa, papa, look” and flipped the book’s page. After talking to his son, the father read books with Yvette. He invited his children orange juices and…show more content…
When the father came back, they shared Meji Panda cookies. After snacking, Gabriel stepped out to pick up more books. Noticing the gold necklace was visible outside Gabriel’s shirt, the father asked him to cover it up. Gabriel came back with a stack of books and dropped some of them on the floor. The father asked him to pick it up and to keep the neat. Yvette commented, “ You cannot read all of that.” The father ask Gabriel to put back all of his books and to keep the door closed. When Gabriel was back into the room, the father asked him to read book and to remain quiet. Sitting in her father’s lap, Yvette burped repeatedly and smiled. Reading an extreme illusion book, Gabriel told his father that the wheels moved and asked his father to look. Yvette, in the meantime, picked her nose. The father explained that she imitated the act of a character in a book. The mother stopped by the visitation room and asked if the visit was over. When the mother asked about her relationship to the children, the father explained that it was their mother. Mumbling, Sebastian was certain that she was of course their mother. When Sebastian overheard conversation about work flexibility, he pulled his leg close to his face to show his flexibility. Smiling at Sebastian, the
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