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Between David’s work with the band and Gerald’s schedule at the University, David didn’t see his father every day, but their relationship was more harmonious than it had been for some time. Having found the career fulfillment he’d been seeking, Gerald was less contentious. He told David that his new assistant department head, Élodie Voisard, was making his professional life much easier, calling her a joy to be around.
Gerald was voracious to hear everything about Oblivion and how his son’s music was progressing. He had once harbored dreams of being a rock musician himself. One of Gerald’s favorite forms of relaxation was to join the band for a beer in the evening. Alcohol was no longer a problem for David, now that he understood where his
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Having recently purchased the farmhouse, as he had planned to do all along, Gerald spent most of his free time improving his property, and whenever they could, he and Julian helped him with his various projects, such as revitalizing the apple orchard.
When David finished high school and postponed college so as to devote himself entirely to Oblivion, as he’d anticipated, his father wasn’t at all pleased. Gerald reminded him of how fickle the music industry was, and that fame was the cruelest of mistresses, but David made it clear that music was his path for the foreseeable future. His final grades were through the roof, and with his perfect SAT scores he could get into any college of his choice. Gerald replied that if he didn’t go to college now then it was never going to happen. David knew that the only way he wouldn’t go to college was if the band was already providing him with a comfortable income, and this was the reality he was creating.
As his mental powers increased, he found he could accomplish many things merely by will. Discovering myriad powers within himself that he hadn’t yet tapped into, he conceded that he did owe Lia Bailey a huge debt for taking him back to the past, and giving him back his memories as Daniel—he could now glimpse a much bigger picture. Capax Infiniti—he used these words as a meditation every day to remind himself that he
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