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The day was October 26, 1971. A normal scheduled Monday. Most students usually got ready for a rather boring, average day. But it would not be that sort of day. The students had already gone to their first, second, third and now their fourth period class, English.Mrs. Singh was their english teacher. Mrs. Singh had worked at Actis since the very beginning. The kids were in the middle of writing a narrative about suspense when there was a lockdown drill. Except that it wasn’t a drill. Nobody has been notified or warned about this occurrence. This was real. As previously instructed through training, the teachers closed the doors so nobody could get in or out. The teens trapped in the classrooms were slightly frightened and confused. When…show more content…
Everyone stood still and quiet, for fear that the tiniest noise would alarm the stranger. They were in the C wing, so he wouldn’t be there for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Mrs. Singh had us all play Quiet Mouse, Still Mouse, and the winner would get all of her classroom candy. At the very end when there was only two people playing, Russell and Roselynn, Isaac started sneezing nonstop causing the entire class to erupt in laughter like a chain reaction. Mrs. Singh hushed them quickly, for there was still an intruder close by. They heard footsteps going down the hall toward them. Everyone was frozen with fear and shock. They heard the knocking of a door. But it wasn’t their door. It was the door right in front of theirs. It was Mrs. Putnam’s room. Finally, there was a crashing noise as the sound of screams burst throughout the halls, causing shivers to go down everyone’s spines. The air was still. Everyone was staring at the door with true terror in their eyes. Time seemed to slow down as the sound of boots came closer and closer. The sight of the smooth, silver doorknob turning was too much to bare. Everyone was perfectly still, still with fear of what's to come, of the unknown. Since the door opened on the outside, there was a second boundary, the cabinet to protect the kids. Mrs. Singh and the kids were leaning against the cabinet to apply more weight. The man said eagerly pushing the cabinet out of the way, “Just let me in!”, Mrs. Singh

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