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Short Story The ancient house sat astride the cliff's rugged shoulders. Sections of rendering had fallen away into the tangled vegetation far below, revealing thick stone slabs underneath: toothless gaps, the dark smile of an old bearded gunrunner, and the oblivion of a whisky drunk, Brazilian whore. The house was four stories tall and had almost been reclaimed by the jungle; this ornate Churrigueresque fortress had been smashed and peppered for centuries by tropical elements intent on a gradual stripping away of its baroque stone carvings. Something -a shadow - slid from the jungle. A figure shrouded by darkness, protected by the night and its moon suffocating clouds. It climbed easily,…show more content…
"Your turn, hombre." The smaller of the two shook his head. "It'll be a blasted monkey again. They climb in, looking for food," he said reassuringly. "Not up here. They don't like the climate, or the bullets. Go on you drunken mestizo, go check who's there. He grinned baring a coffee stained teeth. "Anyway if they'd got this far they would have set off the alarms. And there are special men in there with the boss himself," he sneered. We have nothing to fear." Cursing, the other man stood and checked his pistol and AK. The magazines were both full and he flicked the safety off. "I used to enjoy shooting the stupid monkeys." he muttered. His bloodworm eyes as alert as they could ever be in their gloom, dissolved from the friendly perimeter glow of the lamp. The other Bolivian guard sat, shuffled the cards with the expert hands of one well practised in sentry duty. His eyes shifted left to the digital display on the wall, its plastic casing and LED warnings out of place against the smoke stained plaster. It registered zero. Nothing. No intruder. No worries. But the fancy electronics made him uneasy. He was a guard trained with traditional weapons, guns and bullets. He did not rate so called 'hi-tech' gadgets. There was a instant sound,

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