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A bright and vibrant light shines through the dense and murky fog ahead of me as I stumble down the path from the forest. After my long journey, I am longing for a hot meal and a soft bed. The last town did not have what was needed. Let us hope this one does. Suddenly an outline of a building appears to the left of me. It is a wooden building with stone foundations. There is a lantern hanging above the double doors in the front. Loud, joyful sounds come from within such as metal objects hitting pottery. All of these elements fulfill the description of a tavern. This is great! I walk to the door and remember how I chose to give the rest of my coins to the needy. While I am contemplating whether or not I should enter, the door flies open,…show more content…
It looks as if it is some sort of modern play. Someone is holding a fake skull and is talking to it. I am curious now. I should try and check it out later. I continue to follow the greeter to a small booth of four other men who have the same general look as me. The ‘I have been traveling for a long time’ look. “May I sit with you?” I ask as the greeter leaves us to go back to the door. They answer with a resounding “yes.” The man in front of me introduces himself as Siddhartha Gautama, but I should call him Gautama. He looks old. He looks like a monk and has his head shaved. Everything about him seems to be perfect; everything is precisely timed. It almost feels like he is looking into my soul to understand me. Next, the person to the left of me calls himself Siddhartha. He gives the same sort of feeling of looking into one’s soul; though he seems less perfect than Gautama, but almost wiser. His hair has grown out into a roughly shaven beard. When the others speak, he seems to listen and take everything they say in. After Siddhartha, a man sitting next to Gautama introduces himself as Utnapishtim. He looks like an ancient man who has seen millions of generations come and go. As he is presenting himself, he trails off, almost as if he lost the point of still speaking. His clothes and hair are matching. Both are grey and ragged. His beard looks as if it has not been shaved in a century and his mustache has evolved into his lip. His hair
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