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“Show her?” The thought seemed ludicrous. How do you show a wand how to ‘do’ something? How can I communicate with it? Although inanimate, Montague knew that Vandagelle possessed a special intelligence, one of the Spiritual Realm. He yelled, “Fire! Attack! Shoot!” But it did nothing. Then, he tried to plead. “Please! Protect us! I beg you.” Again, it did nothing. A cold shiver rushed down his spine. He could now hear the grunting of the blood-thirsty spell casters closing in. Finally, at wits end, he shouted, “By God, I command you! Fire!” Yet still, the wand did nothing. Hopelessness had set in. Montague believed that he was going to die, right there with Burton, in the middle of the battlefield. The Ikarus soldier propping Burton…show more content…
He attended back to Burton, taking his arm while Montague led them forward. Indrid and Simon had slain the hybrid wolf clan and joined them. Ahead, Demitri, the Host, waited patiently outside the perimeter of the savage violence. He watched with amusement and ate a plum as he waited. As few men reached him the monster he rode upon split them with its crustacean claws on his command and bit men to pieces. Its husky yowl spooked the Resistance’s horses. Its stinger stabbed and flung men through the air like pieces of lint. Rayne descended from the sky, joining the ground battle. Montague took notice to his dark cloak. It wasn’t woven of ordinary fabric. It moved like it had a mind of its own, grabbing mages and slamming them into the ground. He looked majestic. It was only in Rayne’s presence that Montague felt safe. Burton was barely mobile. In an attempt to finish the massive blow the young Wizard and the trolls had created, the men of the Resistance stormed past Montague, who was kept safely with Rayne, tucked between the Angel’s wings along with a weakened Burton. The Count of Grale and Sir Simon led the march. There was an exchange of looks between Indrid and Rayne. In their eyes, Montague could see that they made peace; Indrid apologized, and Rayne accepted. Demitri shouted to the rest of his clan to attack the wizards and the rest of the Resistance. All hybrids, mages, Dead Elders, spiders, and Ghords ran
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