Short Story

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Valerie Parker stood at the window of her condo in an exclusive area called Edenvale. The lights of Meridian’s dome dimmed to simulate twilight. Her condo occupied the entire third floor, included a southern exposure with a large bay window overlooking a park. Valerie’s taste in furnishings ran to minimalist neutrals with an abundance of chrome and glass. Before her company arrived for dinner, she changed into her favorite metallic orange kaftan, the last birthday gift from her mother. Plans for Victor’s release were back on track as she sat across the table from a new lawyer. “The previous attorney suffered an aneurysm before he could negotiate my brother’s discharge. Your reputation precedes you, Mr. Russo. I’ve known a few of the people…show more content…
My apologies for cutting this meeting short, but I have enough time to make a prior appointment. I hope you don’t mind.” He made a beeline for the door with her on his heels. She waved farewell, as if they were old friends while congratulating herself on a superb performance. Her mood darkened, however, remembering Victor’s stupidity as the reason for his incarceration. In the last few days, everything he’d touched had turned into a fiasco. First: The ill-conceived plan to eliminate Mark Warren in their bakery. Second: The asinine miscalculation resulting in the Citadel being overloaded with weapons. The final debacle culminated when the Terran Military raided the Gemini of a significant cache of weapons. The role of her MMC contact was crucial to the final countdown of events in Dome 3, but locating him had proved fruitless. If he’d been arrested, she’d just get another poor unsuspecting member of the cyber unit to take his place. Even though he played a vital role, they were replaceable. Sitting at her screen, Valerie contacted her warehouse foreman in Aurora. “Mr. Seiger, do you remember how we acquired the last military cyber unit operative?” “I do, Miss Parker. Took pictures of him, with a young boy clone.” “Yes. Do it again. Use a new child. This is a rush job. I need it done. Today.” “What if the target prefers females?” “Fine. Take one of each, or use both, I don’t care. Send me the file when it’s finished.” She turned off the

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