Short Story : ' Finally Sleeping, I See

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“Finally sleeping, I see,” Lyanna said in a low voice to her granddaughter and Katelyn as she reentered the room, Angela having passed out on the sofa as she lay cradled with Liam and Ellie in her arms. “She needed a little help to calm down, but I took care of it,” Cera mentioned glancing up at her grandmother with a sinister look of mischief. “Cera, tell me you didn’t put a spell on an angel?” her grandmother chided her. “We’re trying to keep a low profile here.” “Of course not,” Cera answered with a mirthful little laugh. “I drugged her.” “What?” “Well, you have to admit, she was getting a little annoying in her manic state, and she obviously could use the sleep, so I crushed up a couple…show more content…
With its echo reverberating throughout the house, the three witches shared a worried look, but then Cera was the one who got up saying, “Well, it appears that somebody seems to be at the door. It would be rude of us to not answer it, wouldn’t it?” She approached the door cautiously, and another wrap erupted from its other side. “What’s going on?” Katelyn could be heard calling out from her place in the living room. “I can’t see that far.” “Quiet, my child,” Lyanna said raising her voice slightly. “You just stay put. Cera and I will handle this.” “Where am I going to go?” Katelyn shot back sarcastically. Cera looked at her grandmother before opening the door and as her grandmother nodded back to her to go ahead; she slowly cracked the door only an inch or two peering out. A man stood before her on the front porch, he was wearing some kind of uniform, and she noticed the patches on his sleeves that said Thompson Security. “Hello,” the man said with a jovial smile and then he winced slightly as if he was in the middle of having a bad stomach cramp. Cera opened the door all the way, letting her grandmother see the man so she could assess him for herself. “Yes?” asked Cera. “Awe…” he paused for a moment groaning. “Excuse me; just some bad late night takeout is all. My name’s Darren and I’m with Thompson Security, and I’m really sorry for having disturbed you and your family so
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