Short Story: Freeze

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In the early hours of the morning, the rising sun would exaggerate her radiant beauty. She would stand statuesquely by the glass window in profound thought, staring beyond the horizons. Red was a regular girl who had dreams and ambitions that were out of this world. Her view on life was positive; there was never a dull moment in her life. She had inner beauty that was vibrant with life, her soul so pure and innocent…
After a long laborious Saturday morning Bella, Red’s mother, was surprised to see her all dressed up. ”What could be exciting her?” she thought to herself. Red was not rebellious, so her concerns did not last long. There was something about this day that made it special. It was a day that would change her life forever. Nothing would ever be the same.
‘Ding-Dong’, Red jumped enthusiastically, her guest had finally arrived. Bella walked to the front door eager to see who it was…Behind the closed door was a tall masculine man. His dark, soft skin complemented his blue mesmerizing eyes. He was the ideal man, so perfect…As Bella twisted the door knob; Red jumped vigorously pushing her out of the way. “It’s okay Ma, I got this!” Bella was disturbed but there was an external force that would not allow her to act. Red calmed herself, took a deep breath and opened the door. In front of her eyes was not just any man. This was the man that her heart sought. He was the man with all the…

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