Short Story : ' Fuck, Marry, Kill '

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It was the stereotypically perfect summer day; the bright sun gently glazed the pool-grounds where you and your best friend were sitting. Letting out a sigh of content, you stretched out like a cat. A short while later, your eyes opened to scan the pool area for “new meat”. “Say, Kou?” You turned towards your sunbathing friend and yawned slightly. “Wanna play a game of ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill’?” The redhead sat up and slowly slid her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose. “Do you even need to ask?” She spoke with a smile. You grinned along and re-adjusted yourself so you had a nice view of the pool deck. “Ooookaaay,” You hummed, looking for some viable candidates. “Aha! Fuck, Marry, Kill: Harry Muscles Who Has Enough Body Hair To Make A Rug, Mr. Totally Wearing Mascara But Nobody Cares Because He’s Hot Af, OR… Flat-sy McGee over there who should probably stuff his swimsuit because looks aren’t everything.” Proud of your scouting skills, you turned back to Kou with a smug grin. Said girl slowly took a deep breath, eyes closed, before answering the question. “Weeeelllll… I would fuck Flat-sy, marry Mr. Mascara, and DEFINITELY kill Human Rug.” Kou turned to you with a smile and stuck her finger in the air so it was pointed towards you. “Now it’s YOUR turn! Prepare for a challenge my friend!!” The eccentric girl perked up in her seat and scanned the area. "Alright [Name]," Kou grinned mischievously. "You ready?" Rolling your eyes at
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