Short Story: Game of the Century

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I’ve been imprisoned in this hellhole for years now, no windows, no doors, no contact whatsoever with the world outside. Wouldn’t that be called a hellhole? Haven’t even seen the face of that women who gave birth to me, and wouldn't ever want to either. Someone who abandoned me as an infant doesn’t deserve to be seen. I’ve kept my life hidden all these years quietly without wanting to get out. WHY? So that one day when I’m finally ready I can get what I want, something I’ve been longing for. Just a few more hours. There are thoughts that I keep to myself. I’m a total two faced jerk. I like to keep everything inside, without sharing it to others just trust issues. From the far end of the hall I could hear Mr.Emuki’s high heels towards the door. Tock. Tock. Tock. “Kimura Sunji!” Ms.Emuki called out peeking her head into my bedroom door. Ms.Emuki was a tall, pretty, middle aged enthusiastic women, never really seen her mad or yell. “Kimura, you’ll be getting out today at 10:30am exact. Hurry up and get out, there’s people waiting to take this room.” She joked. ”Pack your stuff and clean the room up a bit will you?” I nodded at her, and barely cracked a smile. Ah, I was lightheaded and numb from the drinks last night. Felt like hurling in the thought of finally getting out. I quickly darted into the bathroom to wash up. I tossed my clothes into the hard wooden luggage, too hyped to fold it. Grabbing the envelope on the lamp table I stuffed it into my khaki
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