Short Story: Garden Grove High School

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Cadenza walked the halls of Garden Grove High School quickly and quietly, taking soft steps and not looking up. You had to be careful when you were something like her. All through her family tree, from her great great great great great grandmother to as recent as her mom, her ancestors had been cursed with this gift. Every time, they had tried to help the people. Every time, they had been burned alive. But she had something special. Something, she thought, other witches didn’t have. She looked at the dagger fondly. She wasn’t allowed to have it on school ground of course, but it didn’t matter. It was the only thing left of her mom. Sheathing it quickly, she hid it and pulled her cloak around her tighter as she remembered. Her mom, burning,…show more content…
“I heard she’s a witch…” She yanked her hood down over her face, but her unnatural orange red hair still spilled out. It wasn’t her fault. She couldn’t help the small outbursts she had, where a book would move on it’s own, or a couple of desks would move at the same time… Or the time she set someone’s locker on fire.. It’s not her fault. It’s not her fault. But inside, she knew she blamed herself for this. For what she was, for what she was doomed to become. She started to run. The doubts flooded in. Is this what was to become of her? A lonely witch running away from her problems, only to be burned at the stake? Sobbing, she ran down the seemingly endless hallway. Lefts and rights, twists and turns, all to get away from them. From herself. Until she ran right into a tall figure. Looking up she saw Kawaii~Chan, the school’s only Nekojin and a grateful looking blue haired bookworm following behind her. K~C’s ombre brown and pink hair danced around her cat ears, her smile was warm and inviting. You can trust me, it said. For once her instincts didn’t have her thinking the opposite. Taking Kawaii~Chan’s hand made her feel stronger. She didn’t have to be alone anymore. She could finally trust people, but most importantly she could trust herself, or at least try and start
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