Short Story: Genos

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“So how is this supposed to help me again?” [Name] drawled, her eyes slowly detaching from the giant bird towering above her and locking on Genos. Genos appeared unaffected by the presence of the bird he was holding down effortlessly with his hand, contrasting from [Name]’s nervous fidgets and the fact she was crouching behind the cyborg. “By being injured multiple times, you can increase your regeneration speed and not have to worry about injuries during a battle.” [Name] nodded slowly. She was surely going to die. And by a bird. After Genos agreed to help train her, the next morning he did was break in her house by burning her door to a crisp. He had apologized and reasoned that he had no keys, and [Name] forgave him on the terms that he paid for a new door. But, [Name] did most…show more content…
But before that, she would have to survive the giant bird. [Name] turned around, looking at her surrounding for a possible escape. “Perhaps I could hide under a car?” she mused to herself. “Are you ready?” [Name] whipped her head around, barely able to make out a strangled “No!” before Genos let go of the humongous bird. [Name] decided, as the cyborg took his hand off the bird, he was either oblivious or a jerk. But she would make the decision later, for right now [Name] was running desperately for her dignity and her limbs. This part of the city had already been evacuated, much to [Name]'s luck, and the streets were thin and turned quickly almost like a maze. Normally she would have grumbled if she was in a car, having to switch on her turn signal every few moments, but right now with the monsters size and clumsiness it was a blessing. Skidding around another corner, she slipped and fell on her side. A shadow fell on her, and she gazed up just in time to see an outstretched claw an inch away from her nose, before flying along with the rest of the bird. and crash into a
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