Short Story : ' Girl ' Interrupted '

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Girl, Interrupted is the retelling of Susan’s personal experience in a psych ward of a hospital. Throughout her book she reals stories which happened to her over her two years there as well as some insight about the friends she made there. Many people do not know what goes on in there and thanks to Susan, we are able to get an insight into their world and understand that they are not as crazy as they seem and just want to live a normal life. Just because they have a mental illness, does not mean that they are all that different from us. She explains that she is tired of all the stigma which comes when she would tell people about her mental illness and the fears and questions it evoked, no matter how irrational they were. There is no way to…show more content…
The patients are people who do not need to be locked up, but are able to go out into the world and experience things just like any one else. They may have a harder time coping with things but that does not mean they do not have the right to enjoy them too. When you think of mental illness you think of depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder etc, and that they just want to be alone, however, that is clearly not the case. In fact, the opposite is shown with the description of the hospital. While I pictured it as a normal hospital wing and just rows of rooms, it has a living room and TV room, and cafeteria that they can access. It makes it seem as though they are in a sort of camp setting, they have their rooms, either single or double, as well as common rooms to hang out with the other patients there with them. They are not required to be locked in their room but are in fact encouraged to mingle and hang out and make friends. They are introduced to the new patients and they learn about them. They make lasting friendships and have fun. I believe that this is part of their therapy to help them over come their illnesses and learn to cope with them. They hang out with other individuals rather than just sit in therapy all day and just converse with a therapist, doctor or nurse. They learn to be around others and not just stick to themselves. Just because they have to be in the hospital, does not mean

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