Short Story Han

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There are no sounds apart from the rapid blasts whistling eerily through ozone-filled air. The fight became an intuitive choreography in which each party followed with grim dedication. As they walked past a live war zone, Han eyes the many life-forms Tenshin considers his students. He’s never heard of the Tenno, but it reminds him of the old tales he’d heard back on Corellia as a boy. Tales of old where men and women and life-forms of all kind posses an untamed power—Jedi, was what his eldest sister had called them. Wiped out long ago, they haven’t returned, and likely wouldn’t. Even that old man he’d met back on Tatooine—and that kid—they hadn’t been anything special upon first glance. No, they aren’t. They aren’t like them, Han reiterates…show more content…
Han isn’t sure what Tenshin considers a lengthy trek, but it sure as hell isn’t what Han first imagined. What he once thought was a swift jog to a ship waiting nearby has been the exact opposite. So far, they’ve walked a few klicks, more than what his body ever anticipated, and he can’t seem to draw in enough air for his shriveling lungs. The atmosphere is humid, thick and underlined by a sharp burn that sears down his throat with every succession. It labors movement, adding lead to his normally smooth stride, yet the two that’ve walk on ahead seem unaffected by the befouled environment. This new section of forest retains various chemical smells and a general air of neglect, but each time he pauses to listen, only the hum fading salvo is heard. Han curses when his foot plunges deep into a puddle of reflective water shining colorful hues. He stumbles back, then gasps at the fiery prickle riding up his leg. ❝Agh—kest! What the hell’s this? How come this planet ‘s falling apart, huh? What’s this place, some kinda abandoned, backwater planet? Shavit… this stings.❞ Like a vapor wasp’s bite. Worst of its kind on Corellia, the males mature enough to produce a venom strong enough to capsize anything it
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