Short Story: Hellsalem

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The plan was set into motion, with the small Libra member strolling down the streets of Hellsalem's lot. He acted like everything was okay, but in truth he was quite terrified. The streets were filled with citizens. And with his height it was difficult to see around the groups of people, if it wasn't for his eyes he would be stuck. In truth he didn't get a good look at the vampire that night at the ball. Mostly, all the times he had a chance at looking at its face was spent on running. But than it hit him, when he looked at it he couldn't see its name it was hidden. Suddenly he felt eyes on him again like it was yesterday, was different this time. The brunet couldn't control his fear because it felt dangerous like his instincts…show more content…
After my first attempt to eat you failed. I had to think of a new way, and what better way is to befriend you! I just love watching my victims express betrayal and fear. You could say it turns me on." The Blood Breed drum grinned deviously, licking the tears on the side of the brunet's face and tearing the boys sweatshirt. Showing his fang like daggers as Leo begin to panic. "W-why?" His tears were licked up repeatedly leaving him feeling disgusted. "Why you ask?" He rose up while the front of his body was shadowed from the ceiling lights. His eyes grew bright red and a grin that presented deadly…show more content…
I'm sure he'll wake up soon. I hope." Steven tried to calm the worried giant that sat in the waiting room chair. "Klausie I'm sorry. I-I should have payed more attention." "No it was my fault." Both K.K and Chain tried their hardest to comfort Klaus's heart aching but only Leo had that ability. "Young master..." "Who cares if that shrimp dies!" Zapp yelled out, while Zed waited patiently in a corner for any news. "What the hell shit monkey!" Chain snapped at Zapp's comment but both of them just looked down with worry. "Okay that's enough. Everyone lets go. Klaus you stay here and call us about Leo's condition. Okay." "Y-yes I will." Everyone begin to leave but Gilbert stayed behind. "Young master I'm sure Leo will make a marvelous recovery." "Yes, he will. You may go Gilbert." With that the butler made his leave as the giant sat there waiting and waiting. Until finally the doctor came out of the operation room. Klaus almost jumped out of his chair, walking toward the doctor. "How is his condition." "Yes, about young Leonardo. It's was a miracle that none of his vitals were hit. Don't worry he's going to make a full recovery, but he has to stay here for over night surveillance." Klaus exhaled a sigh of relief, knowing now that the boy was not in any danger. "Can I see
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