Short Story : How The Clothes Were Made Before The War '

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The craft room inside the windmill had high arched windows and fresh white paint on the walls. It was where Miss Pennycress spent most of her time when she sewed, painted, and even threw her own pots. There were shelves full of wool, cupboards full of threads and racks full of fabric. Boxes of buttons. Reels of ribbon. Bobbins and beads. All in all, the room was bright, cheerful, and full of rustic charm.
Doctor Melilot paused in front of a needlework bench and ran his fingers along a grey pinafore dress, cotton shirt and blue jumper. The dress felt rough and scratchy under his hand. Damp and gritty like sand. Next to these were grey knee-high socks with ragged holes, and a pair of scuffed brown shoes. ‘Clemmie wore these clothes when she
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‘Yes. No. It’s too early to say. But there is another matter I should explain.’ This time, Mr Duck’s face turned solemn when he opened a large history book. The Great Seaboard Wars. Dust flew from its covers, and the parchment crackled when he turned each page.
‘Ah yes, The Great Seaboard Wars’ said Miss Prunella, as she looked over his shoulder. ‘It began in 1939. There were millions of lives lost when we fought the six-year war against Mistralia.’
‘Very good, m’dear! And who won the war?’
‘Well, we did, of course. Gloriana.’
‘Well, you can see from this book that our history has changed..’ Mr Duck flicked through the pages, then spread the book open across the table. ‘Look, I wanted to show you this. An old newspaper clipping from 6th September 1943.’
Under Attack! ran the headline.
Last night, the great invasion of Gloriana began by air and by sea. Mistralian troops dealt a heavy blow when they carried out beach landings along the south coast. The battle saw the loss of two million lives. Gloriana fell within 24 hours.
Long live Mistralia!
For the first time in years, Doctor Melilot was at a loss for words.
Wake up brain, he urged, as he tried to think through the shock. After all, it was not everyday that history changed right in front of his eyes. 'Well, that can’t be right. We won the war and not the Mistralians.'
‘All my other books
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