Short Story: Jacob's Home

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The man darted up from his sleep with a shout. He was heaving for air but his lungs did not appear to be fulfilled from the air. Dread was clear in his dark eyes. He checked out his environment. His body shivered from the chill. It was 4:30 in the morning and he felt like something was telling him to go back to bed, but his body couldn't comply. Ghostly pictures of the past flashed through his mind like a film, distant yet clear and honest. As he let himself be engulfed by his memories, he found himself on a beach surrounded by his ally soldiers, fighting to take the enemies position up the hill. to his left side was a young man, barely hitting his 20’s if he was lucky. It hit him like a stone, immediately he knew he was at the Gallipoli peninsula.…show more content…
He could hear voices on his right side and saw two figures fearing for their lives hiding under the rain of bullets. They had nowhere to go. He detected Jacob’s uneasiness. It was the ideal opportunity for them to take off and get to a safer area for themselves but he could not leave his fellow soldiers behind. As Jacob began to make a break for safer ground, He turned towards his fellow allies under a downpour of gunpowder and bullets, an enemy had run up with a bayonet in arms charging towards his allies. Noticing that if he didn’t do anything to stop the man, his friends would be killed. He made a mad rush towards the man in an attempt to stop them, but was intercepted by a blast of fire and…show more content…
As he was trying to stand up, he saw the two men being violently attacked by the enemy soldier. At that point it hit him. Both men were going to die because he was unable to help them. He immediately turned around to see if Jacob had made it to a safe area, he noticed a body on the way to the landing zone, half buried in sand with taints of blood lying around the area. The man ran over to see if the person was alive and okay, as he flung the sand of the body he realized that it was a young boy, one of his closest friends in his platoon. Jacob lied there, his eyes engulfed by white and his body limp and lifeless, there was just blood covering his uniform that he wore proudly. All of a sudden an enemy soldier jumped over a sand dune confronting the man. There was no time for them to respond. He drew a knife from his belt and prepared himself to be attacked and killed. All of a sudden there was a loud bang and everything went dark. The man awoke, finding himself in a medical tent alongside the two soldiers who he had once tried to save. He looked at them with confusion, but was unable to string a sentence together to ask them what happened. The two soldiers tilted their heads towards him and gave him a reassuring smile, he was safe, he was going to make it back home to see his friends and family, but he couldn’t say the same for his dearest friend,
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