Short Story: Julies

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It was an unusually hot summer day in July and Julie Chillers was driving down the road about sixty miles an hour listening to her Gospel music when all of a sudden she heard a siren. It was a state police car wanting Julie to pull over. Julie pulled over in a wide spot, the officer got out of his car and walked up to the window that was rolled down in Julies car. The officer looked inside the car to make sure there was only Julie in the car, the officer immediately asked for Julie's drivers license. “ Is there a problem Officer?” Julie asked puzzled. He politely replied, well, ma'am, you were going sixty miles an hour in a fifty mile an hour speed limit. Julie said very softly “I'm sorry Officer, I didn't realize that I was going so fast,” I guess I got caught up listening to my music and wasn't paying any attention.”…show more content…
” Julie asked. The Officer smiled and replied, “ My name is David Whittaker.” Julie smiled back and said, “ Thank you Officer Whittaker.” It was late when Julie got home, she fixed supper, prayed and went to
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