Short Story: Jungiskhan Adventures

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so as the desert heat enveloped the Khalifa he went on his day since there was a heat wave every day of the year the tribe was used to it as the Khalifa went to knock on the door, he heard a loud scream he was startled because it was a quiet tribe as bob jungiskhans father opened the door the Khalifa asked what was that horrifying scream, Bob plaintively said it was jungiskhan imagining he invented a flying machine.

bob and the Khalifa started laughing the Khalifa said " like that will ever happen " the Khalifa asked Bob why does he have such an over imaginative mind bob told the Khalifa that after badoor jungiskhan mother passed away the Khalifa was surprised and gave bob his condolences.

then jungiskhan ran out of the door screaming THE FLYER IS FALLING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the khalifa told bob this is what I'm talking about a ruckus every night when the whole village is asleep the suddenly a loud thunder of horse hooves and the shouting sound of angry men all the village awoken…

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