Short Story: Keri Giovanni

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Keri Giovanni was a single mother living in West New York. She was the mother of a five year old boy, Ethan Dominic Giovanni; a smart boy, much too smart for his age but Keri showered all her love on him. Keri worked as a secretary to Bryan Kuznetsova, a mean rich, smug man, who thought that every woman will kiss his feet. That was Keri Giovanni’s life, she lived with it self-loathing, but everything changed on July 27, 2004. It was another morning for Keri and Ethan, they were on the breakfast table. “Mom, do you’ve something to say?” asked Ethan, “if you have, you can say it.” Keri put her coffee mug on the table and spoke, “Eth baby, you’re going to spend the night at Uncle Kevin’s house, I’m going to be working late tonight,…show more content…
degree in Business Management from Dartmouth, he hated Keri’s guts of rejecting him. Keri knew if he ever found out what she was…, she shuddered to even think what would happen if he knew the truth about her. But what she did not know was that Bryan knew everything. An hour later, Keri was face to face with her ex-husband, Alexander Vidal. She gasped and backed against the window. “How did –yo –you –fi -find m-me?” she stuttered. “Aw Keri G,” Alex sneered at her, “Did you really think you will run away from me, taking my son and I won’t find you?” Keri was trapped in a strangle hold by Alex, she couldn’t breathe and was panting for breath. “Ethan is my son and you as hell know that I’m going to have his custody, everyone knows that the law of United States of America doesn’t give a child’s custody to an ex-drug junkie, or do they?” Alex loosened his grip on her…show more content…
Alex raised his eyebrows at the question and whistled. In an instance Bryan’s cabin door opened and his face appeared curled up in a smirk; then it all clicked to her. Keri had always thought Bryan looked familiar, his smile, his eyes, and the all too familiar anger. Bryan and Alexander were brothers and Bryan knew about her. He snickered and said, “I really did not know you but when I saw Ethan four months ago, all I saw was my brother, and don’t worry Keri, we have the legal court order clearly stating that you no right over Ethan but Alex has.” Keri was paralysed by all this. She begged Alex not to do that but he was as stubborn as a mule. Seven hours later, Keri was still sitting at her office, sobs were racking out of her uncontrollably. She knew Alex was long gone with Ethan and she just lost everything. She now regretted everything and wondered “Is it too late now?” Was it really too late now to do something. Yes, yes it was, she couldn’t do anything to correct her mistake of marrying a dominant, abusive man. She was sick of
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