Short Story: Kevin Price In High School

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Kevin price was a boy of high expectations in school, the poster child for the church of latter day saints in his town. He spent hours studying scripture, hours reciting passages from the book, and on top of that hours working for the soul purpose of getting what he wanted in the latter days. When the time came, he was sure heavenly father was sure to shake his hand, and say 'you've done an awesome job, Kevin!' With this new found pride, Kevin price bounded through the hallways clean cut, and quite full of himself. He played sports, (captain of the tennis team might I add) he was in all AP classes, he had the most amazing best friend in the world, and the whole church was proud of him. Yes, Kevin price was sure his last year in high school was going to be something incredible. Except for one thing: Kevin price was going to be in theater class senior year. How did he know his would happen? He didn't, actually. Kevin got handed his schedule the first day of school and he swore…show more content…
The group turned to look at him, "Uh, Connor, can I speak with you- alone?" Chris covered his mouth and giggled; James gave him a small nudge and told him to knock it off. Connor turned pink, "w-well of course, Kevin! What’s the matter?" Kevin led Connor back into the choir room. "Okay Connor, I’m going to have to break something to you- I really don't care what you all do in this class, I got put in here by accident..." Kevin turned towards Connor and shrugged his shoulders. "What do you mean?" Connor was agog; no they were simply aghast at Kevin’s remark. They could feel their face heating up as Kevin muttered his next sentence. "I signed up for health class, not some classroom full of fags who tap dance and sing for an hour." Connor resisted the urge to yell in the boy's face. Sure they tap danced themselves, and sure they were more than likely queer, but it just felt insulting the way it rolled off Kevin’s
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