Short Story: Last Breath

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“What’s going on? Julie hasn’t sent me a text for at least an hour now. Where’d she go? I wonder if she’s sneaking out again to come see me, oh that would be dreamy. I wonder if she’s wearing that cute dress that she was wearing when I first laid eyes on her. I better get ready she could be just around the corner! I’m so excited. I got to go make myself half decent for her.” “She’s still not answering her phone, something must be wrong; I have to go see if my wife is okay.” Rome ran down to the beaten up garden shed where his yellow Suzuki Swift lived. He jumped in and flew down, pushing the car to its breaking limits. When he arrived at the back of the Blackburn’s mansion, he quickly sprinted his way down to the half faded, green door which led to the kitchen. Being mindful of the noise he was making, he creaked open the door, “Miss Smith… Miss Smith are you there” He hissed. Rome heard a crack in the timber floor, the maid came forth to the door, “oh dear Rome you startled me, I have terrible new about your wife” she paused, “well she isn’t in the best shape, she is on her last breaths.” “No! This can’t be true, who would do such a thing to my beautiful star?” Rome questioned. The maid spoke quietly, “ *sign* it was you, the feeling of being away from you drove her to do such a thing, she took as much medicine as she could before passing away. She is at the hospital.” “I have to go” sobbed Rome. He wiped the tears from his eyes has he ran to his car. Rome was at the
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