Short Story : ' Lighting Fast '

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Lighting Fast Everyone has troubled times, but I am going to tell my story with some adventure, melancholy, and dramatic parts. I was 11 year old girl named Jessica that has gone through strange and very difficult times. At the beginning my life was perfect and I was always overjoyed because I did not have anything to be gloomy about.. I had parents who supported me and had a very aggravating, but incredible younger sister and brother. I lived in a two-story house in Lake Placid, Florida. I had lots of friends that would be there for me no matter what had happened. I could not have asked for more. But then things happen like jobs are lost, parents get divorced, and then everything goes downhill from there. I am now 13…show more content…
I saunter to the seat right next to her . She whispers ¨ Good job on finishing your homework so late but still doing an amazing project.” I was proud of my work and I appreciated other people liked it to. So i said ¨Thanks¨ proudly and then started to pay attention to the second person presents their project. After all the excitement she had in that class the rest of the classes went like a blur. When classes finished I wanted to stay for an hour, so she could bump her grade more higher, but after i did finished that the sky was already dark. The worst thing about this is that i had to walk all the way home because my mom could not pick me up because she was still working. And my friend had already walk to her house and had left me to walk by myself .She could tell it was about to rain so she started to walk a little faster because she did not have a umbrella and she did not want to get wet. Then she suddenly felt a drop of water drop on her shoulder. Then one by one the water droplets started to pour down. I still had half a mile to my house so I just started to scurry as fast as I could. While I was running I heard lighting from behind her which made me jump a little. Then she came to point where i had to cross the road. She stopped and look both ways the way her parents taught her since kindergarten. She was now soaking wet,but she cared about was her backpack and the stuff that was in there like her homework and computer the would cost like 180
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