Short Story: Matty's Death In The Water

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Matthew Ramiro once saved a merman's life. After that day, he spent almost every summer with the prince from the sea, falling in love with him while knowing he could never have him. Then one day, on his twenty-fifth birthday, a merman drags Matty into the ocean to try and drown him, and he almost succeeds. Aldis has been waiting for the day for his mate to reach adulthood. Now that Matty is of age, Aldis has every intention of making the man his lover. Finding Matty dying in the water puts a damper in that, and Aldis has no choice but to do the most taboo, illegal thing in his society to keep him alive. Turn him into a mer. Matty survives, but now he has gills on his throat and behind his ears, and the man he's loved for his entire life
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