Short Story: Media Influence

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The woman stares at me as I patiently wait in line to pay for my groceries. Lustrous hair cascading down her back, slim figure, perfect, flawless skin, and a beautiful face with bright eyes and full lips – she stares at each one of us as we slowly move down the line. There isn’t only one woman, but several lined up on the magazine racks, scrutinizing each one of us from the utmost comfort of their glossy magazine covers. These perfect airbrushed versions of models are everywhere: magazines, store catalogs, billboards, television, and the internet. No matter where one happens to glance, their scrutinizing eyes are unavoidable. Most importantly, the majority of us cannot avoid comparing ourselves to these models. During our generation, the media repeatedly bombards teens and young girls in particular with images about what their bodies should look like. Consequently, the media's standards of attractiveness are adopted and strongly enforced by society. Millions of girls from a variety of ethnicities and ages believe these lies. As a result, their self-esteem is hurt and the majority of girls are dissatisfied with their bodies. Issues with body image are spreading immensely in our society. The body images of female models presented in the media today are much thinner than they were in the past. A woman with a thin figure is consistently praised and labeled as attractive, and don't all women want to be attractive? The media's consistent glorification of a thin female body leads
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