Short Story: Mr. Roberts's Home

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Cough!"Are you okay," Mrs. Roberts asked. "Well of course," Mr. Roberts exclaimed. He might have been sick from the weather since winter had just ended or from the extra dust all around the house. There was so much dust daylight seemed like night time. Mrs. Roberts tried to clean, but she wasn't feeling well herself as she would get fevers and headaches multiple times a day. She had silver white straight hair. She always tried to look nice even when no one was coming to pay her a visit. She would wear a knee length skirt and either a black or white shirt with a sweater or pancho over the shirt. Mrs. Roberts was very pale she didn't have any wrinckles she had smooth, pale porcaline skin, on the other hand Mr.…show more content…
Yes, okay I'll be there in a second," Serenity said. She excused herself from her grandparents as she had to go because her parents were calling. "Wait, Serenity tell your parents to come over," Mrs. Roberts commanded. The day after that the whole family went to the whole family went to the Robert's house as Mrs. Roberts had to say something. She wanted to say that Mr. Roberts had cancer and there was a twenty-five percent chance that he was going to live, and everyday it looked like that twenty-five percent chance was decreasing. Everyday he looked even sicker, and skinnier and smaller he was weaker and wanted to sleep more. Mrs. Roberts made a big feast and invited all the neighbors. Serenity runs off the dinner table and into the bathroom and cries. Mr. Roberts knocked and asked if he could go in she let him. She came out of the bathroom. They sat on the bed next to each other. They had a talk. They had a talk. They brought up so many memories; they laughed, cried and smiled. All of a sudden he grabs his chest and grasps for air. Serenity lays him down. She holds him cries. "Hey! Grandpa is Dying!"Serenity…show more content…
Serenity is filled with sadness she becomes depressed. One night she walks into the parents bathroom and took all of the pills she could find. It all turns black she becomes more and more dizzy until she falls to the floor. The parents hear the loud sound and rush into the bathroom where they find they're only daughter passed out on the bathroom floor with bottles of pills all around her. They call 911 imedeatly and rush her to the hospital. Eventually they got thearapy and they all were happy again. They visited Mrs. Roberts more often so she wouldn't fee so
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