Short Story : My Story

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"I know right!" Sang my mother, "is it not grand?"

Grand? That load if baloney is older than Zeus himself!

"Yeah," I said, "Grand."

We boarded and got a car all to ourselves, which was pretty big for just three of us. And I'll say, the inside was incredible. There were four bunks that had curtains so you could sleep. Two elegant purple chairs next to a window, a small table in the middle. A small booth next to another window decorated with lilies. The floor was carpet and with many designs. Now this was more like it, compared to the outside.

Gale and I sat in front of each other as we watched the trees pass by us through the window. Gale got a cup of green tea and I got a glass of water to pass the time. His eyes practically sparkled as I slid chocolate to him.

While we ate chocolate, I taught him how to play rock, paper, scissors. It took him the longest time to win, meaning I let him win. It's kind of hard to beat me when I can read your mind. It took us both lots of restraint not to attack each other and act childish in front of my mother.

We both eventually got bored and sat in a peaceful silence as we watched the sunrise on the horizon as the train bumped up and down. I looked over at Gale, his eyes mesmerized in the scenery. It reminded me of the times we spent together, all the fun we had.

The image of the bridge flashed in my mind, I shook my head trying to think of something else.

It's actually quite relieving to finally leave Skyrock, being able to explore this world will be a great experience. But I'll have to admit, I'm kind of scared. I didn't know what to expect when we get there. What if he's not there? What if I never find him?

I breathed in and out trying to calm my panic. I turned to look at Gale again, his stern look made me calm down. He made me feel safe, protected; I wanted to take his hand but I restrained myself from doing so.

As if he read my mind he grabbed my hand. I looked up at him surprised.

She is not the Princess today so it is fine, right?

I pushed my face into my other arm so I could hide my blush. Gale couldn't stop smiling in happiness. I heard my mother chuckle in the background, it made me even more embarrassed.

We finally arrived at the train station
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