Short Story : ' N The Screen ' And Koons '

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Vittoria Belli May 18th, 2015 Julia Cooke Writing II n the screen and Koons Inside all adults are their 10 year old self’s, contained but there. For Jeff Koons, his profession has thus far been based on his love for the pure joy of childhood. Coming from a loving family, art and design was been present in his life from the start. His parents careers effected how he views the world and what he has done with the opportunities they gave to him. After attending Maryland Institute of College of Art and School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Jeff Koons career rapidly picked up while working at the MoMA after graduation. His work ranges from oversized shiny toys to photographs of his sexual experiences with his lovers. Adam Weinberg, director of the Whitney Museum stated "Koons is the Warhol of his time". (Sischy, Ingrid) Koons intense personality has created a legendary persona in the pop culture art world. At 60 years old, Jeff is still creating banal sculptures and paintings that have been leading and inspiring the pop culture and mass media of our generation. Other artists, designers, company 's represent and duplicate Jeff 's work. His has been sold for tens of million of dollars which is uncommon in general but especially for a living artist. His influence in the art world is legendary and spreads out to all mediums and people in the industry. Known as the "most controversial artist of the postwar era" (Lestinsky, Lukas) Koons colorful reflective stainless steel blow

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