Short Story : ' Never Let Me Go Notes '

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Emmett Janczak British Literature Never Let Me Go Notes Characters: Kathy H. main character and narrator, carer, went to Hailsham. Friends with Ruth and Tommy. Grew up with them both. Had special relationship with Tommy. Ruth friend of Kathy. Also went to Hailsham. Bossy, controlling but in the end shows regret for being so controlling. Admits to keeping Kathy and Tommy apart, feels remorse. Tommy D. Grew up with anger issue. Had problems being creative. Extremely caring and concerned for the well-being of Kathy and Ruth. Dated Ruth for years until setting with Kathy in the end. Miss Emily the “principle” of Hailsham. was very concerned for the treatment of donors. Set up an entire school to prove how human donors were. Madame/Marie-Claude supported Miss Emily in her efforts with Hailsham. would collect artwork from the students to try to prove to the public how perfectly human the “students” were Miss Lucy believed the “students” should know exactly how terrible the last days of their life would be, the admin at Hailsham believe otherwise, that they should live normal lives for as long as possible Harry C. a boy who Kathy talked with and planned to have sex with during her time at Hailsham Keffers an old man who looks after the Cottages and is very conservative and religious, gives Tommy his first notebook for his animals Chrissie highly dependent on her boyfriend Rodney, looks at Hailsham like a place with special privileges, low self worth Rodney in a
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