Short Story : Never Let Me Go

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Gabriela Gomez Ms. Potts AS English II, Period 7 22 August 2016 Never Let Me Go Outline Bibliographical Information Kazuo Ishiguro. Never Let Me Go. London: Faber and Faber, 2005. Character List Kathy: Kathy starts off the story as an adult in her thirties working as a “carer” because she is a clone that was cloned to get her vital organs taken out of her when she reaches adulthood. The story follow Kathy through her childhood and showed how she was a mild-mannered, passive, and an empathetic person. Ruth: Ruth is Kathy’s childhood best friend from Hailsham, she too is a clone who is going to have to donate her organs when she reaches adulthood. Ruth throughout the story is selfish, especially when it came to Tommy, a liar, has great…show more content…
She along with her boyfriend, Rodney, are always asking about Hailsham and even took Kathy, Ruth and Tommy to find Ruth’s “possible.” Rodney: Rodney too is a veteran at the Cottages who is considered a handsome guy and is a part of a power couple with Chrissie. He too is very interested in Hailsham and since he could drive he and Chrissie took Kathy, Ruth and Tommy to find Ruth’s “possible.” Plot Summary The book opens up with Kathy H. in 30’s working as a “carer” in which she takes care of “donors” after they have given a donation. Due to her job as a carer, she reconnects with two of her former friends named Ruth and Tommy because it was their time to become donors and have their vital organs removed from their bodies because they were all clones and that was their purpose. Kathy takes the reader back to when she was a child at Hailsham and explained what life was like which included different guardians with different views of clones, for example Miss Lucy believed that the children should be informed of their futures while Miss Emily believed they should be treated like humans up until it’s time for their donations. Art was highly valued at Hailsham and was collected by Madame for her “gallery” to show that the clones still had souls. Kathy highly valued a cassette tape with songs by Judy Bridgewater and was especially found of a song called “Never Let Me Go.” She interpreted the song as woman
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