Short Story : ' No ' Hannah Grunted '

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"No," Hannah grunted, breath driven out of her lungs by the effort of pistoning her legs against the floor. Even over the linoleum of the hospital hallway, it was still an effort to drag the body of her patient. Too heavy to carry and there wasn 't a small gurney available to put him on, it was either drag him or try to push him and a full sized hospital bed down the hallway. There were too many obstacles in the way, too great a chance she 'd get stuck and have to abandon him. If that happened, Hannah didn 't know what she 'd do. It would make everything seem worthless and like she 'd failed. "No," she grunted again and continued to drag the man. A sheet knotted into a loop was across his toned, muscular bare chest and it ran under his…show more content…
"No." Grunt and pant. "No!" Screaming, making a last desperate effort so hard Hannah thought she 'd rip something in her gut she got past the door and as soon as the man 's bare feet crossed it she dropped him, hating the way his head hit her shins on the way down but better than that the hard floor. Accidentally stepping in his arm, Hannah pulled the door shut then leaned against it as the walkers crashed into it. Fortunately the door had latched and for all they were unstoppable, walkers generally couldn 't figure out how to operate handles, even oversized ones that the hospital was equipped with. "Go eat someone else!" she screamed through the door then, Laughing on the edge of hysteria at her safety, Hannah threw the lock and slumped down on the floorr. While walkers howled and scratched their flesh down to bone against the door, Hannah sat and sobbed out her relief and the crash of hormones dumping into her system to counterbalance the adrenaline. "I did it," she said through the hiccups of the aftermath of regaining control. "I did it. Oh God, I did it." Looking over at the form of her patient, Hannah nodded slowly. "I saved you. They didn 't get you and they 're not going to get you." Pulling herself to her feet, Hannah grabbed a hypoallergenic pillow off the shelf and put it under the man 's head, then draped a couple of sterile blue OR sheets over his body to keep him warm. As she squatted beside him, butt resting on the heels of her extremely sensible

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