Short Story: No Hate

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Still, my friends beckoned me to take another hit before I left, so I did, walking back towards the back bedroom filled with rank smoke, and took the shortened blunt from my best friend, Mitchell’s hand. Taking a few quick puffs I looked around the room and burst into laughter with the rest, not knowing what was so funny and turned on my heel leaving the room walking down the hall, a couple girls passing me only in their bras looking as high as I did as I passed the hall mirror.

Opening the front door and walking down the dark street, the lamps not illuminating the asphalt for the night just yet. I was only three blocks away from my house, I could see it from where I stood, the white building standing out from the rest at the end of the cul-de-sac, but it seemed it was light years away. Trudging my feet slowly then picking up the pace into a meager trot, I hefted myself up onto the front stairs seeing that the door had been forced open, the wood around the lock shot open.

Puzzled by this sight, I pushed the door open and went inside seeing the front room trashed, blood spray on the cream wall turning it pink, and looked down seeing my mother with two bullet holes in her forehead, her eyes wide and looking out frozen in fear, her arms lolled by her sides. In anticipation I slid through the room trying to find any sign of life and…

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