Short Story Of A Happy-Social Norm

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July 4th, 2016. Eight days before the clock strikes 7:12 PM, and the end of being fifteen. I feel something I haven’t before. Love. Love is intense and awkward. The kind of love when a child bumps their knee and Super Mom rescues them with a kiss on the booboo; Love that separates my life from the happy-social norm that is artificial love. From this point on, my longing for love will be over. August 27th, 2015. My first day of sophomore year. I’m in Chemistry staring at my email. Waiting. I keep tapping my foot, biting my pencil, and hoping for a response. “New email from Mom.” I open the email: “He got 9 years. :(.“ I lost the feeling. Love. He betrayed me. I hate him. He never loved me. How could a father be so careless?.
June 22, 2016. Another day spent staring at a TV screen watching Netflix. I’m so angry. Why is she so mean to Granny? My mom is mad at me because I did the right thing - stand up for Granny. Oh well, she’ll just take away my phone, again. Then, I’ll
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The sweet sixteen is cancelled. I’m at Granny’s now. I couldn’t sleep last night. I was so scared. How could she do that? I’m in so much pain. She didn’t have to hurt me so bad. My sister was crying so much and begging for her to stop, but she continued. She doesn’t love me. Obvious there is no love. If she loved me, she would not have taken it so far.
July 12, 2016. Finally sixteen. I could finally get my drivers license. I could finally drive far away from my mother. I got a happy birthday greeting from Granny, Granny Joyce, Monty, and a few Facebook friends. Then I got a call from my sister. She wished me a happy birthday and told me my mom said happy birthday, too. I told her, “No thank you. I’ll see you Saturday, Sophia.” Then I hung up.
November 4, 2016. I know the meaning of love now; Love isn’t hurting others, it’s being there for someone. I never felt love until Fourth of July. I was with Granny in the car watching fireworks. I had never been happier. I understand love
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