Short Story Of A Little Girl

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Huh!?" Vivi squeaked.

A little girl, no bigger than Vivi, with bright purple hair stomped over to Xion and snatched the charm right from her hand. Though, upon closer inspection, she appeaered to be more than just a 'little girl' as she not only had a horn sticking out just above her forehead, but a pair of small white wings on her back. "What the heck do you think you're doing? Trying to melt the thing?!" The little girl yelled.

"E-Eiko! You're back?!" Vivi burst out. "I've looked for you and-and Zidane, and Garnet, but I could never find you guys. I thought you all hated me and-"

Eiko threw her arms around Vivi and hugged him tight, stopping him from blubbering any more words. "You know, after all this time...I thought you'd be a
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You can't miss either of them." Eiko explained.

"I'll keep that in mind and whenever I find them, I'll be sure to bring them back to you guys."

"Then promise me, that way I know you'll stay true to your word." Eiko held her pinky out.

Xion latched her pinky onto Eiko's. "I promise."

"...Wow, you are pretty great. Didn't expect that from someone dressed like that...Alright, I made my mind up, I'll teach you how to summon."

'What does she mean by someone dressed like that.' "Thank you! So how do you it?"

"Unlike what Vivi taught you, you're not supposed light the thing on fire, otherwise it won't work." Eiko glared at Vivi and he pulled his hat down in embarrassment. "What you're supposed to do is use your soul to call them and then use your magic to transport them between realms."


"I know that sounds complicated, but it's really easy. You basically have to ask them to help you out and then apply some non-elemental magic. Light spells are the best to use, but you can use alternative magic too...I think."

"You sure do know a lot about this stuff."

"I'm a white mage after all, I was built for this type of stuff."

"Wait...what's a light spell?"

"Spells that use light the same way you'd use fire or thunder," Vivi explained. "They're tricky to learn, but for a keyblade wielder like yourself, it should be a piece of cake. Holy is a pretty simple spell to learn, you just draw
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