Short Story Of Abuse – No More !

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Abuse – No More!
Life slips by so quickly! Have you ever noticed that one day it is Spring and the sun is shining, and then the next day is it cold, wet, and the day before Christmas? I have, and I had to pay thousands of dollars to make me realize that all the times that have slipped by, my short term memory during that time has no recollection of any events. I have been traumatized mentally and physically for many years that depression and suicide has had me in a trance that I have become a stranger to myself. In my Epiphany story I will be sharing some inspirational thoughts and some pained empathy. I have known my husband since I was 13 years old and married at the age of 17. It was a fairy tale life, well at least that is what I thought.
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Next I knew I was hurled across the living room and smashed against the kitchen wall. As I lay crumpled in the corner gasping air too afraid to move, too afraid to speak I lay as still as could be until I heard him leave. I am not sure how long it was before I moved but it felt like hours. Only once he was gone did I allow myself to cry like I had never cried before. I shed tears of hurt, tears of humiliation frustration and tears of pain. I replayed it over and over in my mind not wanting to believe what had just happened and what actually happened.
That was one of the days that I learned how to walk on egg shells – it’s an art that must be mastered but I could never quite master it, not to his standards anyway this occurred a few times after this event took place.
His famous words from far and between never nice were “I’m big, you’re small,” “I’m right, you’re wrong” the actual favorite quotes from the movie Matilda, 1996. These spoken words haunt me to this day even though they have been mumbled to me since 1994 and now then in 1996 movie, which my Husband states, “see even he knows who’s the boss of the
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