Short Story Of An Hour Analysis

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Mrs. Mallard was and elderly women who was just informed of her husband's death. As her sister Josephine tried break the news to her as gentle as possible, due to her heart condition, the poor women began to weep out of shock. She then walked up to her room and locked the door so that no one could come in and bother her. Trying to clear her mind and mourn her late husband, Mrs. Mallard stared out the window of the room and was hit with an ghastly thought. Staring at the spots of clear sky she felt something that she hadn’t felt in many years, freedom. She become overrun with the idea that she was her own person now, sheo could spend her life how she chose too. No matter the type or time of day, it was her own to do what she wanted. She began to love to idea of living a long life, opposed to the dread that has once filled her before. After being stuck in a dull relationship for so many years that she saw no escape from, their finally was a way to…show more content…
Mallard was in I believe i would act the same way. I think that as people grow older and are with their significant other for years then at some point they will fall out of love. If that love cannot be rekindled, that leaves two people who have been each other's best friends for most of their life with less of a sense of fulfillment. I know I would never want to leave the person I had spent the majority of my life with at all. They are your best friend, they know everything about you, but if you don't feel any love their anymore, and all of the things that kept a person their to begin with are gone, then life would be miserable. By her husband dying, Mrs. Mallard received a get out of jail free card. She didn’t have to his heart, she was free. On the other hand i do believe i would be much more upset about his death. I would recognize the opportunity, but feel agony with how it was achieved. She may be free, but she doesn't have anyone for when she is alone or sad now. It's just
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