Short Story Of Audra Yates

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Audra Yates is an immortal, a being of a nameless race that has been around since the beginning of time. But there’s still one way for an immortal to die—if two immortal soul mates find each other, they will start to age and live out a normal human life to a natural death. For this reason, Audra has been killing her soul mate for the past 125 years, every time he reincarnates and seeks her out.

No soul mate, no aging.

This time around, her soul mate comes in the form of Eamon Ashe, a beautiful criminal who steals her purse one beautiful spring morning. When Audra seeks him out in order to kill him, she finds herself unnaturally weak to his charms and can’t do it. She’s exhausted and bored after too long on earth and questioning the purpose
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