Short Story Of Ducky Boi

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Ducky Boi It was a cloudy day and duck was stressed more than he ever was before. His wife was leaving him, His daughter was killed on her trip to new york city, and he isn’t doing well at work. He makes the final choice to end the 9-5 normal life. He climbs to the roof and stands on the edge looking at the ant-sized cars that move beneath him. He backs to the very edge and kicks back on the corner boosting him off the edge with enough distance to look like he’s flying. He glides downward enjoying the air pushing up on him, feeling nice on his body. It was a short wait before he had died, but once he hit the ground it all went black. Duck sees a light. He’s finally free in the afterworld. All of a sudden a duck shows up and stares at him. The light wasn’t the afterlife, it was the sun. Duck looks down at himself and sees yellow feathers. He’s a duck. The mom pulls him out of the egg and has the babies gather around her. All the babies start to play around. The baby ducks brought a brownie over and they shared the brownie. The ducks all went into the gym and lifted some weights because buff is good for ducky bois. The bois sipped the same puddle showing love to bois. One duck called the other ducks nerds and the ducks drowned him. Ducky had to make an ally so he waddled up to the biggest duck. “What’s up” Ducky asked “Go away” demanded the big duck. “K” said Ducky. Mother duck nudges the chicks towards the road and they all follow her across. Then all
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