Short Story Of Emmet

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It was a normal day in lego city, emmet was watching a show. Emmett went to go change channel but when he hit “ enter” something opened in front of the tv and it started to suck every thing that was in that room and A ghost came out of the portal and Emmett didn't know what was happening He thought that the TV was busted but it was actually a portal.
But emmett was about to say “ what are you doing.” to the ghost but then ghost start talking,” Ahhh finally,hey emmet, could you get me out of here, I don't won't be sent back to the dark world please open the window so my soul will be free. Emmett didn't know what to do so he just open the window and then set free the soul. The ghost said “finally I'm free thanks emmet now I must take
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mean while emmett got in his car and drove to try to find the ghost but he could not find him and while emmett was driving more ghosts came out of the portal emmett wondered if he locked his house so he turned around and see if he did but the three ghosts that will blocking the door and emmett thought to himself what have I done and there goes my house . Meanwhile at Lego City the ghost was being mean, flipping cars ,destroyed houses and the ghost also make kids afraid of…show more content…
Emmet found the ghost the ghost I was about to tip over a building and the ghost stop and he wondered”what is that loser doing here.” emmet said STOP but the ghost and look at emmet and emmet was afraid he was going die the ghost said “ Stay out of my way emmett .” Emmett said “NO!” the ghost looked at emmett and made him a barbie Emmett did not like that so he went up to the ghost, he himself and picked up a Lego brick and hit the ghost and the ghost fell off the building. emmet was glad he thought of that. The Ghost was on blacked out
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