Short Story Of Jacoma Portman

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Jacob Portman’s grandpa was probably the most interesting person in his life. Grandpa Portman would always regale Jacob with stories about his life in an orphanage. However, that wasn’t the most interesting part. This orphanage was home to many peculiar children. Some of these children could lift massive boulders, while others could fly, make instant fireballs, or were even invisible. Grandpa Portman stated that with the help of all these peculiar children, they would defeat monsters. For a six year old, these stories sounded pretty believable, especially because Grandpa Portman had photos. However, as he grew older, Jacob stopped believing these far-fetched tales. The photos were obviously some kind of photoshop and according to Jacob’s dad, the monsters were people that took all of his family’s lives. One day Grandpa Portman starts acting all weird. He thinks that the monsters are coming for him again and all he has left to defend himself against the monsters is a box cutter. As Jacob visits to check up on him, his grandpa was not lying. He was standing face-to-face with a monster that killed Grandpa Portman. As the monster disappears, Grandpa Portman is left dying only before muttering his last words. Nobody believes Jacob when he says that he saw a monster, of course. Jacob then decides to go to Cairnholm, a small island where Grandpa Portman’s orphanage is located. Jacob believes going to the orphanage will help him make sense of the monster he saw and his grandpa’s
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