Short Story Of Josie

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Sometime between three or four o'clock a little girl by the name of Josie Miller had went missing.Josie was suppose to be getting off the bus,but when she didn't her mother Layla Miller and her father Joseph Miller called the school Josie's teacher said she had seen Josie waiting on her bus with some friends.Shortly after the phone call with the school ended Layla and Joseph Miller decided to go to the police and file a missing report on Josie.The cops suggested that they create flyers stating that Josie was missing and if anyone had seen their little girl to call the number on the flyer immediately.The next day with very little to no sleep at all Josie's mom and dad decide to go talk with the kids Josie was said to be seen with last at school.Josie's…show more content…
Miller told Bethany to stay on the phone and that they were on their way.Mrs.Miller went and told the Deputy Sheriff right away,then they were ready to go.Meanwhile still on the phone Bethany had said she had gotten Josie's attention,but Josie couldn't come to her because the man had his full focus on her and if she were to run she wouldn't make it to Mrs.Bethany without getting caught by the man.As the police and Josie's parents arrived and met up with Mrs.Bethany they asked if the man had a weapon of any kind.When Mrs.Bethany replied "NO" that she had not seen him with a weapon of any kind,Deputy Sheriff Eddie Crenshaw told Mrs.Miller to gain her daughter's attention.When Mrs.Miller had gotten Josie's attention she signaled for Josie to run.When Josie began to run toward her mother the man became alarmed,and began to run to catch Josie,then he realized surrounded and had guns pointed at him.When he lowered to the ground police officer Blair Watson a friend of Layla Millers cuffed the man and read aloud his right.It turned out that the man was Christian Denver he lived in a neighborhood close to the Millers.Mr. Denver had been watching Josie for nearly two months before he decided to make his move.Christian had planned to take Josie out of state to West Virginia and keep her there as his daughter.Christian had kidnapped Josie because he had just lost his little girl in a car crash not to long ago.When the Millers finally returned home with their daughter they decided to
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