Short Story Of Lethal People

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"F YOU HAD TO CHOOSE BETWEEN YOUR WIFE AND YOUR LOVE, WHO WOULD YOU SAVE? Sam Case is in trouble. He is hiding over $15 billion for the world's criminals - drug lords, cartel bosses, even the mafia. And now someone wants to take it from him. To show Sam they mean business, a group of very dangerous men give him a choice: save his wife, or save his mistress. But whoever he chooses, one of them will die. As one customer puts it: 'this is a tossed salad'. I had the hardest time getting through Lethal People (could only get to 95%), which nothing about it made any kind of sense. An army of Little People who are circus clowns, and asassins? The author is all over the charts -- no real plot, no real character, no one really stands out as the main
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