Short Story Of Mikey: A Narrative Fiction

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Leo groaned, his head was fogged and pounding painfully against his skull. It hurt to much to try and open his eyes, it felt like his eyelids were sewn shut. “L-Leo,” He felt a light, but urgent tapping on his arm, and he forced him eyes open, holding back a pained wince at the dim light. Mikey was curled on the floor next to him, looking exhausted, but physically fine. The younger looked down at him, forcing a tight grin at him. He swallowed what little saliva was in his mouth and forced himself to kneel, blinking away the blurriness in his eyes. The second he could see clearly, he wished silently he couldn’t see at all. They were in what looked like a dungeon, pure stone walls and concrete floors stained crimson. The room Mikey and him…show more content…
“T-they weren’t here w-when I woke up,” Mikey said quietly, letting out a shaky breath. “We’re gonna be okay, right?” “Yeah,” Leo nodded, moving forward on his knees and wrapped his arms around Mikey, ignoring the stench of rotting flesh. “We’ll be fine,” He couldn’t bring himself to look at his little brother because he knew Mikey would be able to see he wasn’t being fully truthful. He always knew if one of his brothers were upset and he couldn’t let Mikey worry like that, not right now. “I hope Raph and Don are okay,” Mikey said after a few minutes, pressing his face deeper into his brother’s neck and sighing. “I’m sure they are. Of course they are…” “Where do you think we are?” Mikey asked, pulling back and staring at the metal door, trying not to take in the images of people in the other cells across from them. He already knew the answer though, he knew what his brother would say, if he was going to say anything at all. It was far, far away from the sewers, away from home. Neither said anything else, just patiently waited for something to happen. Mikey couldn’t bring himself to speak, the rotting corpse in the corner was close to making him sick enough he didn’t trust to open his
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