Short Story Of Montresor

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“Ah, how delightful is it to see you, my beloved Montresor!” A blabbering party host by the name of Fortunato throws his arm over my shoulder, inebriated though it’s only noon as of yet. I had hoped to avoid him altogether for as long as possible. You see, he’s invited me to dine with him during his annual solstice dinner. Here the cups of wine run over and high-piled plates are plentiful. The vexatious manners (or lack thereof) held by Fortunato’s fellow noblemen and women poison in the air. Alcohol sloshes from the drunken man’s mug as he waves it about, speaking with his free hand. “My dear, dear friend, have I been waiting for you. Everyone, this is Montresor.” The collection of assorted guests murmur and giggle, pointing at the fool at my side. I step away from the mess of a man and smile politely. As I have said, these guests have no manners. To snicker and sneer at their own host- how poorly raised they must have been.” I’ve only come to see that your soiree was going as smoothly as planned. I’m on my way to my brother’s, so I fear I cannot stay for long.” With an eldritch turn of the head, Fortunato protests. “Why Montresor, you’ve only just come. You simply cannot leave just yet. My guests would think me an unhospitable host if you left so soon, and I simply cannot have that. Come, let us get you some food, shall we?” Before I can speak an utterance, he leads me to an ostentatious display of lackluster dishes plated as though they were snow-grouse. “Have your pick. Please, you must enjoy yourself. Relax, if only for a little while.” Still yet, the tittering crowd stares at their fidgety host and, by extension, me. “I assure you, I’ve already ate. I really must hurry and be gone.” “Nonsense,” says he, piling bits of various dishes onto a platter for me. “Nonsense. A quick plate will be just fine, don’t you worry. Here, eat.” Shoving a plate of what now look to be unseasoned, undercooked meats and wilting vegetables under my nose, the host smiles warmly. With a sigh, I oblige, eating only a bite of each hors d'oeuvre. Glancing at the gaggle in front of me, they all seem to parrot my movement. I test this

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