Short Story Of NYC Public Advocate

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Remember high school days when we used to be good friends with almost all of our schoolmates? We used to spend our leisure time together in school and, sometimes outside of school, where we got to know each other's character, parents, and backgrounds. In fact, what used to amaze me was how we rarely used to ask another of our schoolmates-- 'what is your name?' The moment we heard it from a mutual friend, a classmate, or the teacher, that person's name is already memorized in our mind. Sometimes, even the nerd-like teenagers or the shy ones who we have never once said 'Hi' to nor developed a friendship with in school -- when we met outside, in the real world, however, we talk as if we have been best friends since forever. But we do not have…show more content…
Lititia James, who is NYC Public Advocate, has already took the press to shame the character of the boys as if they were already found guilty on the charge. Lititia James is a well-known Public Advocate who has a long history as an advocate for children and families; she is currently involved in class action litigation against New York City and New York State for failing to protect the City’s over 11,000 children in foster care; she is a leading voice in the fight for universal free lunch for public school students; she is also a strong advocate for paid family leave, raising the wage, and protecting workers like saving 250 UPS jobs. Lititia James played a major role in the development of the case. In a statement with CBS New York, she mentioned that: ' They should be more afraid of today than of the police', giving the inference that these kids are just thugs who show no dedication and interest in…show more content…
When I first read the story, I had a hard time believing it. I thought the story was missing something. I grappled with the idea that a father would leave his daughter, even if he were told so at gun point. (And I would hate to think that I am the only one who thinks that). I think in an incident like this, even a mother would leave her daughter behind let alone a father. But, however, everyone seemed to overlook such clear factor. People were more moved by emotion, therefore lost their logical thinking. In the book 'Sex Panic and the Punitive State', Lancaster evokes a very good point when he was drawing the relationship between capitalism and coercion by quoting Thomas Friedman, who said: 'The hidden hand of the market will never work without the hidden fist'. This quote also explains why fear is necessary for the political process, along with capitalism to work. When our politicians incite panics by magnifying threats, they also, in return, advocating punitive
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