Short Story Of Poinsettia

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A long time ago, far far away was a little village called Icelandic. The little village was an excruciatingly hot town, ruled by the powerful Goddess Pavlof. The villagers would daily be in pain from the vibrant heat, they wouldn’t complain for their queen; for they knew what would punish the courageous soul.The villagers would try to leave, but always ended up back in their homes or find some reason to stay in the boiling town until death. One day, a villager tired of being scared, a young woman of the name Poinsettia. Though, she was small and weak young lady, she knew it was imperative for her to take action. She just wanted was to feel some kind of coolness in her life, even though all she ever felt was the blazing heat. With a positive in mind state nevertheless, Poinsettia marched into the castle with her confidence up to the roof and stood high while faced with the queen, “Oh my dear goddess, may you let some of the cold air in the village?” Sitting at her thrown, Goddess Pavlof looked down at her for a minute before she started to cackle. The only sound that was heard throughout the castle was her cackle echoing through the halls of the castle, as she wiped the tears in her eyes from laughter Pavlof told her,“The only way you’ll ever feel the cold is if it rained from the sky,” said the Goddess. As she cackled, she signaled the guards to take her to the dungeon. Without putting up a fight, she allowed the guards to lift her off the ground and take her to the freezing
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