Short Story Of Stoneheart

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Master Fu stands outside the Agreste mansion, a small box in his hands, smiling. Inside the mansion, Nathalie is asking Adrien questions about history, but Gabriel Agreste interrupts her, reprimanding Adrien for sneaking out and telling him that he has everything he could ever want in the mansion and that the outside world is too dangerous. Nathalie then states that they could be done with the homeschooling for the day if Adrien wished. Before she finishes speaking, Adrien runs from the room to his bedroom. Adrien lies on his bed, face in a pillow, but runs outside when he hears rumbling crashes. He sees police cars and hears sirens. The police ready their weapons as Stoneheart approaches, firing on Agent Roger Raincomprix's command. When…show more content…
Cat Noir avoids Stoneheart's next blows as Ladybug watches in horror from the top of the stadium's wall. Stoneheart wrenches a soccer goal from the ground and throws it at Cat Noir. It bounces, arcing toward Alya who is hiding and filming. Cat Noir acts fast, throwing his staff and extending it. The goal post bounces off it, missing Alya. This distraction gives Stoneheart the opportunity to catch Cat Noir. Alya spots Ladybug, asking her what she is waiting for. Ladybug winces and dives into the stadium. She hooks her yo-yo around Stoneheart's legs and slides to a stop in front of him. Unbalanced, Stoneheart releases Cat Noir. Ladybug runs to his side as he prepares to attack Stoneheart again. Ladybug stops him and reminds him of Stoneheart's ability to grow stronger with each…show more content…
This can create an army of akumatized villains. Marinette blames herself, saying that it's all her fault and that she's too clumsy to be a superhero. Tikki tries to tell Marinette that it's only her first time fighting, that she'll fight Stoneheart again and win next time. Marinette doesn't listen, insisting that she makes everything worse for everyone. She even states that Cat Noir would be better without her. Simultaneously, Marinette and Adrien learn that Cat Noir cannot purify akumas. Marinette tells Tikki to look for another Ladybug. She takes her earrings out, much to Tikki's protest. Before Tikki can say anything to dissuade Marinette, she disappears. Marinette puts the earrings back in their box and hides the box away in her vanity. She kneels at the foot of the vanity,

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