Short Story Of Tayloor 'Shae' Johnson

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It was on Thursday before the biggest softball game of my eighth-grade year. I was in Algebra learning how to find the hypotenuse of a triangle when a shift happened. It was like a black cloud just came over me taking away everything visible by the eye. Even though I couldn’t see I could still feel everything. I felt cold and lifeless, kind of like a piece of my heart had been taken away but I did not know why. So I went to what I knew was best to do. I began to fall on my knees and cry, but as I did that I just went deeper into this dark place that seemed inescapable. It screamed the name of Jesus and suddenly the dark place went away.
Soon after that dark but vivid experience, I found out some heartbreaking news. Her name was Tayloor’ Shae’ Johnson. She and I were so close that you could barely tell us apart. She helped me with all of my problems and everything that I was dealing with. Since my first grade year and her third-grade year, we have always been together. Then she had to move to Montana with her dad, because of family issues with her mom and step-dad. After proceeding off the airplane and getting in the car she was on the way to her father’s house when instantly an eighteen-wheeler truck impacted the car. Tayloor’ was immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctors didn’t know what else to do. She later was
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For the last two years, she was the apple of my eye, the women of my dreams and my whole heart. She was my everything, but what we had was toxic. All we would do is fight and argue and lead to a break up not to mention all the things that lead or happen during our time we were together. But I thought she was the one so I kept coming back pushing my hurt farther and farther away knowing it was only going to eat me up inside. That is why I was filled with so much pain because I couldn’t let her go. Wait! HELLO IS ANYONE
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