Short Story Of The Fat Lady

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In 1989 Dettwyler returned to visit the Fat Lady who belonged to the Moors’ ethnic group that valued obesity in the women as a concept of beauty · A fat wife reflected on the husband’s ability to provide plenty of food and slaves to do all the chores well the wife just rested · “To be fat is to be healthy…to be fat is to be sexy” (pg. 31) · While sitting on the Fat Lady’s porch Dettwyler notice a malnutrition boy on the back of a servant · She asked to look at Daouda closer and notice that his cry was barely a audible whimper and had no success with turning his head away from her g. Getting to know Daouda and his mother · Dettwyler learned that Daouda was a 18 month year old that weighed only 12 pounds · He couldn’t grow properly because of malnutrition causing him to be too weak to move his head, arms, or legs voluntarily · His head was extremely huge and his arms and legs were bones covered by papery skin · Once she gave back Daouda back to his mother Dettwyler asked her friend what was going on · The Fat Lady explain that the mother had leprosy and that Daouda was the youngest and only surviving son of hers · Dettwyler learned that Daouda’s mother only feed him left over toh (millet porridge) (pg. 32) with made Dettwyler have a serious talk with the mother about Daouda’s nutrition · The only response Daouda’s mother gave Dettwyler was “OK, I’ll give him more to
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